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Alex Murray
VFX Artist, Online Editor and Colourist

Over the past seven years I have worked on Feature films, shorts, commercials, music videos and Corporate videos of every size and calibre.

I founded Silver Edge Studios (SES) to offer an affordable and flexible service to hire an indiviudal or group of freelancers to work on your project. 

We provide everything from Roto-scoping, paint and digital matte work to full compositing of VFX and Motion Graphics

Rather than tell you about what we offer - please see our show reels so you can see the quality of the work we can provide!





Max Murray
VFX Artist, Offline/Online Editor, Videographer
+ 3D Animator​

I have been working in the media industry as a cameraman and editor for over 6 years establishing myself as a professional freelance operator in both Production and Post Production roles.


Recently I spent time working with packshot/fashot in London Camden working in a variety of creative and ecommerce shoots. 

During my time I have had experience in the role of filming, editing, and managing footage - This has given me a great deal of understanding in maintaining a highly organized file structure to keep work efficiency at its peak. Making the juggle of several projects a great deal more manageable.





Robert Langley
Cinematographer + Editor


I started my career as a Camera Assistant for Sky and Sky Sports working with wildlife and poker tournements respectively.

From 2012 onwards I have been working on  Independent shorts, commercials, streaming live-events, music videos, corporate videos and Feature Films. Working with companies such as Facebook, Youtube and Google.

Through the years I have developed my knowledge in film Operating with a  broad range of industry standard cameras including Arri, RED, Sony and Canon. Being in a number of roles including Grip, Focus Puller, DIT, Lighting Technician and Director of Photography.





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